Start the New Year off right with these Healthy Habits!

Bring in the New Year with these top wellness resolutions:
• Control your portions.
• Be active.
• Lower sodium consumption.
• Increase antioxidants.
• Quit smoking.
• Take care of your teeth.
• Wear sunscreen all year long.
• Strength train
• Expect good things from yourself.
(Source: Reader’s Digest)

What To Do After an Auto Accident

Though we can only hope that something as unfortunate as an auto accident never happens to our clients, the odds of actually being involved in an incident such as this is relatively high. We have compiled a check list of helpful tips and information needed so you are well prepared.

Stop and Do NOT leave the scene!

  • Call the police immediately to report any accident, which results in personal injury or vehicle damage.
  • Notify the police as to any medical assistance that may be needed or any vehicle that is not functional to drive.
  • Warn other motorists by turning on your emergency flashers, setting up flares, or reflective devices 50 feet behind your vehicle.
  • Do not accept responsibility or otherwise discuss the accident with anyone except police authorities and your independent insurance agent or insurance carrier. Do not accept any monetary settlement at the accident scene.

Exchange information with the other driver

  • Write down the other party’s – driver license number, license plate number, and state. Also, get the insurance company name and policy number, make, model, and description of the vehicle. Lastly, record the name, address, and telephone number of the other driver.
  • Write down the name and address of all passengers, injured persons, or anyone with property damage.
  • Get the names and contact information of at least two witnesses if possible. This is very important when the fault of an accident is questionable.

Diagram the accident before leaving the scene

  • Note the time of day, weather, and condition of roadway (wet, icy, dry).
  • Show position of all vehicles before and after the accident-plus location of signs, streets, and medians.
  • Note any apparent damage to not only your vehicle, but all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Write down any further details you feel are important.

To get a courtesy brochure copy of this information to keep in your vehicle, please email your full name and address to: with the subject line: AFTER AN ACCIDENT BROCHURE

For more information, please feel free to contact your agent!